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University of Redlands Bulldog Blog

University Communications launched the Bulldog Blog in 2017. As the multimedia assistant at UComm, I contributed dozens of articles and photos to the blog, and I still take on a story every now and then.

och tamale, spring 2019

UComm publishes the U of R alumni magazine, dubbed the Och Tamale, three times each year. My photos and articles have been featured in every issue over the past three years. The online version is now housed within the Bulldog Blog. In this issue, five stories of mentorship make up the cover story, including one that I wrote about two Redlands alumni working to cure cancer.

Och Tamale, Summer 2018

This Och Tamale feature story focuses on a collaboration between the biology and studio art departments, in which they work together to make an aluminum casting of a fire ant hill.

och tamale, summer 2018

The second of two feature stories I wrote for the summer 2018 edition of the Och Tamale, this article provides an overview of the studio art major and a behind-the-scenes look at how the seniors put together their annual art show. Pictured is my exhibit at the show. (Photo by William Vasta)

RR Stack 2 Web.jpg

The Redlands Review, 2018

The prologue of my novel-in-progress, Body in the Breakroom, was published in the 2018 edition of The Redlands Review, a student-run literary magazine produced by the U of R creative writing department every spring. (Not available online. PDF available upon request.)

Och Tamale, Winter 2018

For the winter 2018 edition of the Och Tamale, I wrote a feature story about my love and appreciation for the creative writing department, which was the reason I chose to attend Redlands in the first place. (Photo by Juan Garcia)

Och Tamale, Fall 2017

For this issue of the Och Tamale, I took the cover photo and wrote the cover story about U of R traditions. For the online version of the magazine, we used the traditions to debut the new interactive campus map.


The New York Times

“Why are you excited to go back to school?” Naturally, I responded to the NYT’s 2017 call for pictures with this photo I took of U of R mascots Thurber (top) and Addie on the day they met.

The LA Times

When news broke that the U of R had finally selected the next mascot after a months long search, all of Southern California simultaneously went, “Awww.” Addie made history as the U of R’s first female bulldog mascot, and several news outlets picked up the story. She’s pictured here with her predecessor, Thurber, on the day they met.


Upon hearing about Thurber’s cancer diagnosis, U of R students sprung into action and planned an entire “graduation” just for the beloved mascot. Thurber, who was a nine-year-old English bulldog, passed away the day after the celebration. Several news outlets picked up the story.